The Wine Shop

Crab Cracking Cuvee

Sunday 28th April 2019- 12pm

Price: £60.00

Something back for this year on the success of last years event, we are pairing with Sallys Fish Camp ahead of Lymington Seafood Festival. Fizz and seafood are a perfect combo and we think we have found a perfect match in Sallys Brand and ours. A delicious and exciting day which will teach you about Wines and Crabs. We then put your knowledge to the test with a crab picnic style lunch with half a bottle of Classic Cuvee to enjoy with your crab picnic overlooking the Vineyard.

Once we’ve pulled, cracked, twisted and picked… don’t panic we will feed you soon, it doesn’t take long to then actually dress the crab and its ready for consuming! 

Head outside for a picnic style lunch overlooking the vineyard where you can eat your crab served on fresh sourdough washed down with a glass or two of Hambledon.

Dont just take our word for how great this event is, why not take a look at the blog below: