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Lonely Planet Features Hampshire Wine

Lonely Planet Features Hampshire Wine

 South Downs, England

Hampshire featuring in the Lonely Planets guide to the 10 most intriguing wine regions, makes us so happy to see.

 "The gentle countryside of England's South Downs conceals some high-quality vineyards. Image by Matt Gibson / Shutterstock
Overhead a skylark sings in the blue sky. Green fields sweep down from a chalk ridge laced with white tracks. To the south lies the sea, to the north the counties of Hampshire and Sussex. These are England’s South Downs in summer, a place of pretty villages, hiking trails and - incredibly to some - vineyards. For the spine of chalk hills that run southeast all the way from Winchester, an ancient capital of England, to Eastbourne, re-emerges on the other side of the Channel in Champagne country.
English wine was long a laughing stock. But in the last ten years, the South Downs region has been the source of some excellent Champagne-style white sparkling wines. Its wineries are spread out over quite a distance, but a few are concentrated in tranquil Hampshire to make a weekend’s exploration something of a revelation.

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