The Notebook

Veraison and looking forward to the harvest

Veraison and looking forward to the harvest

The beautiful Indian summer that we are all currently enjoying is doing wonders for the vines and we're starting to get (cautiously) excited about the harvest. Not only do the vines look fantastic but the grapes are also very even and healthy, with less than 1% affected by rot.

Above and below: Chardonnay grapes in Home Vineyard

Veraison is well and truly under way amongst both the Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier and the grapes are a good size and also very healthy.

Above: Pinot Noir vines showing veraison progressing well.
Below: A beautiful bunch of even-sized, healthy looking Pinot Meunier grapes

If the good weather continues over the next couple of weeks we're expecting to start harvesting the red grapes around the 6th October, with the Chardonnay approximately a week later. We expect the yield to be bigger than last year and more in line with the abundant crop of 2010, so we're all keeping our fingers crossed for the next few weeks.