The Notebook

Getting ready for harvest

Getting ready for harvest

The lovely weather in the last couple of weeks has given us a real boost in the run up to harvest. Last week's warm and sunny spell in particular helped to produce a big jump in sugar and acidity levels of the grapes. We don't want to jump the gun, but I think you can safely say that we are quietly confident that we should get a good, healthy crop this year, providing the rains stay away for the next couple of weeks. We are now in the midst of a formal survey of maturation to identify the best potential harvest dates.

Chardonnay grapes

One of our Pinot Meunier vines

A healthy bunch of Pinot Noir!

Work in the winery has intensified as we are busy preparing all the equipment so that we are ready to receive the grapes. This has involved cleaning and calibrating all the tanks, servicing equipment and ordering winemaking products and equipment.

We've also started taking some public tours around the vineyard, winery and cellars on saturdays in the last month. The tours seem to be going down very well  - particularly the tasting at the end, when we also tell guests all about the heritage of the Estate and its important place in the history of English wine production. Obviously it's still early days for us opening our doors to visitors, but the initial feedback has been really encouraging. So anyone out there who'd like to find out more about our vision for England's oldest commercial vineyard, please get in touch!