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August at the Vineyard

August at the Vineyard

August tends to be a quiet month in the viticultural calendar, as we watch the grapes grow and ripen and start to gear up towards harvest.

After two months of beautiful weather in the UK (hoorah!) we are happy to say that our vines are looking good with grapes growing evenly and healthily and veraison (the colour change of the black grapes) about to start.

However, we weren't allowed to relax totally. On 24th August we took part in the Hambledon Horticultural Show, one of the key social events for the village attracting more than 100 locals, all of whom were keen to taste our wines!

We also took a stall at the Petersfield Summer Festival. This is a much larger affair, with closer to 1000 visitors, giving us the chance to get our name out there and also sell a few Christmas gifts in the process. (Although I'm in awe of anyone who can plan that far ahead for Christmas!)