The Notebook

Silver Award

Silver Award

Ian and I were very excited to get invited to the EWWOTYC award ceremony recently in the House of Commons. Not only was it a great honour to attend such a prestigious event at the forefront of the English Wine industry, but also to get to see inside such an important British building.

Despite having an official invitation from the UK Vintners Association (UKVA) Ian and I had to pass quite a lot of security before being allowed in - all very James Bond - which only made the whole experience all the more exciting!

Once inside we passed through the visitor centre before being escorted by a guide to the terrace pavilion. Located right on the edge of the Thames this was an incredible venue in which to hold the tasting of the award winning wines. We tasted and assessed all of the wines which were fabulous.

We soon realised that we weren't the only ones enjoying ourselves - while we were tasting the wines, the Lords were having a tea break and were enjoying the view of the Thames and the Westminster bridge on the terrace just next to us!

We then had a nice gastronomic lunch in the member’s dining room which was a beautiful old style room and really gave the meal a special feel. Pretty much every single UK wine producer was present which was great as it meant that we could exchange our experiences about the promising 2013 harvest!

Following lunch was the presentation of the certificates and trophies. Ian received our Silver Medal for our Mill Down Brut 2010 from Robert Cowley, the General Secretary of the UKVA.