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Les Pleurs de la Vigne

Les Pleurs de la Vigne

We have finally seen some changes in the vinyard after a long winter as the sun has decided to come out to play at last! Not only are blue skies becoming more common, but we are also starting to feel a little warmth from the sun, which is reflected in the vineyard.

The plants are no longer dormant and the sap can now be seen rising through the vines. We call this les pleurs de la vigne in French, which translates literally as the tears of the vines.

In effect, les pleurs de la vigne represents new energy moving through the vines, helping the buds to swell and signalling the end of dormancy over winter. It's a very uplifting time to be in the vineyards and our team has been busy ploughing and fertilising the soil, replanting any dead vines and re-setting foliage wires for the next fruit season.

It's not just in the vineyards that we are seeing the early signs of growth.... we have an old ornamental vine, a vitis vinifera Purpurea, growing up the wall outside our office. Whilst this may be a different vinifera from those vines in the vineyard, it follows a similar growth cycle and we're now able to see the first buds appearing.

We'd like to come up with a name for our office vine as Purpurea seems a little dull, so please let us know if you have any suggestions!